Hey! Long Time, No See!

You know how “they” say that life is what happens while you are busy making plans?  Well, “they” are correct! This fall turned out being completely different than I had planned.

I spent the early part of fall editing my newest release, Western Skies. For some unknown reason, I was really struggling with getting my editing done this past summer. We had a few health issues pop up in the family, we had a visitor for a few weeks; but even without these happenings, my head just wasn’t cooperating by getting in the game.  I did look at the book every day, but with everything going on, plus having four children home from school for the summer, I admit that I moved at slower than a snail’s pace for far longer than I would have liked to.

School started and I thought it would mean that I could bang out the last bit of editing, but, again, life had other plans.  It turns out that when you put things off for the summer months, they kind of come back and bite you in the butt a few months later.  Queue the face palm.

Facepalm statue
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Thankfully, my publisher was gentle with me when the consequences of my procrastination reared their ugly head, and I was able to finally sit down and get the novel completed.

The summer wasn’t a complete loss book-wise, though, as I did a podcast interview with British author Mark Antony Raines, aka Ghostman, on August 22.  (I still owe you a blog post with the writing prompt you gave me, Mr. Raines.  I promise I haven’t forgotten; it was just another thing that fell victim to my push to finish the edits I should have done sooner than I did!)

I also learned a valuable lesson this fall.  My children have had various health challenges on and off in their lives, as children often do, but we had experienced a nice, long lull.  Therefore, as they went back to school in August, I (stupidly) thought to myself that it was so wonderful they were all older now and had seemingly grown past many of their childhood ailments and issues.  Of course, Mr. Murphy, of Murphy’s Law fame, heard me in my gratefulness and told the universe, “Here- hold my beer.” At least I am grateful that the storm that followed happened after my edits were done- and that the waters are calming again.

Western Skies debuted on Amazon.com on October 9, 2019. Borne from the pages of A Good Kind of Crazy, I like to tell people that Western Skies is not a sequel, but rather a companion book. Sometimes, I like to go all Star Wars on people and say that it is actually a prequel to A Good Kind of Crazy. Honestly, though, Western Skies is the name of the TV series in A Good Kind of Crazy that I had written as having come from a book, but that book hadn’t even been written… yet. I still haven’t decided if that was Divine Intervention or just dumb luck…

Western Skies


Western Skies- Kindle edition- Amazon.com

Western Skies- Paperback- Amazon.com



Thankfully, my publisher is still on speaking terms with me, though I fell into life’s abyss for a few months.  In fact, they arranged for a *FREE* ebook for Kindle giveaway of Western Skies on Black Friday.  It did so well that they are even allowing me to do the whole process again FOR BOTH BOOKS tomorrow, Cyber Monday- December 2, 2019!

So, if you are looking for a little free self-care to help you survive the holidays, click on the links above and hook yourself up as my gift to you. Believe me, this fall has done an amazing job of reminding me that self-care is important, because you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself!

Thank you all for the amazing support!  I appreciate you all more than I can express.  (And that’s saying a lot, because as two 500+ page books demonstrate, I am a very verbose person!)

Happy holidays!  I hope that you get a chance to relax and just enjoy the season now and again!


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