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                   A Good Kind of Crazy

Kat Anderson's familiar existence begins to unravel on her 43rd birthday. After her husband's infidelity comes to light, she leaves her old life behind in search of her former self and finds it revisiting her past career as a caterer on a TV set in the mountains of Canada. Can Kat overcome her past hurts in order to cook up some romance with the star of the show?

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       Western Skies

Come discover the couple at the heart of the story behind the TV show Western Skies in Majken Selinder Nilsson’s debut novel, A Good Kind of Crazy…

When Sarah marries her childhood sweetheart, she expects that their life together will be perfect, happily raising a home full of children on their family farm until they grow old together. However, life doesn’t go as planned as her world is turned upside-down and she loses almost everything.

In an attempt to escape the pain of her personal tragedy, Sarah and her young son travel to her sister’s home in a small Colorado mining town. There, she meets Joe, the dutiful but awkward town sheriff, full of disappointments of his own, when he comes to her aid.

Each reeling from crippling heartache and believing that their unhappy courses are firmly set, Sarah and Joe forge an unlikely friendship, but can they overcome their disillusionment and stubborn pride long enough to risk taking a chance on finding a different “Happily Ever After”?

A Good Kind o​f Crazy

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Western Skies

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Current Books

A Twist of Faith

(In Progress)

Jonathan and Eliza have seemingly been destined for each other since they were young children, growing up together in a dusty mining town perched precariously on a mountainside in the Nevada desert. The only thing standing in their way is the fact that Eliza's father owns the mine and Jonathan's father is merely his employee, a position not deemed good enough for the only daughter of a rich and powerful man. Jonathan does all he can to improve his station, but will it be enough to not only win over Eliza's heart but the respect of her family, as well?  

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A Good Kind of Crazy-

"Enthralling, unexpected and delightful! I thoroughly enjoyed all the twists and turns of this story. It builds confidence, has passion and is full of excitement...from a romance perspective"  B. Garfield- Beta Reader

"What happens when a modern Southern belle’s perfectly normal, married-with-kids life crashes and burns? A new life waits for Kat on the other side of betrayal - if she’s bold enough (or crazy enough) to take it! A thoroughly enjoyable tale of a woman coming into her own, and discovering love at a point in her life when she least expects it. With an unexpectedly vulnerable love interest and a heroine with a hidden backbone, this is a love story worth rooting for." -R. March, Senior Library Assistant, Carson City Library

A Twist of Faith-

 "All that the title describes! A story of faith and hope and replenished love over all obstacles. Jonathan is the ideal man. Kind, strong, courageous, charismatic and honest. I pray my boys are as loyal and authentic as he is."- B. Garfield- Beta Reader

"A compelling historical romance that takes you from the rough towns of the boomtown west to the glittering cities of gilded age America. The love between Jonathan and Eliza seems meant to be, were it not for the barriers of class and society standing between them. Following them as they both try to achieve their American dreams is an exciting journey with, as promised, many emotional twists and turns before the poignant resolution."-R. March, Senior Library Assistant, Carson City Library