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Well…  What can I say?  It has been awhile…  a long while… But, I am back!

When I last posted, my audiobook had just come out courtesy of the hard work of the publisher I’m Hearing Stories and the incomparable voice talent of Ms. Jen Carmody.  If you haven’t given it a listen yet, I highly recommend it, if nothing else than just to hear how truly talented Ms. Carmody is! In fact, just in case you haven’t had a chance to locate the sample on Audible, I will post the link here!  Just click right under the picture of the cover where it says “Sample”, and you are good to go. You won’t be sorry!

Other than than, I have been working hard on marketing of A Good Kind of Crazy.  I can say that the learning curve has been steep, but I have made some good progress.  I did a free three-day give away of the ebook version of the novel around Valentine’s Day and promoted it, which went fairly well.  I am pleased to announce that I am once again working with my publisher to try and arrange another free give away over the 4th of July to give people the opportunity to download the book and read it at the beach or beside the pool.

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I have also been attempting to edit my next release, Western Skies. I say “attempting” because to be completely honest, it has not been going quite as smoothly as I would like.  I got it back from my fabulous editor just as school was ending for the year, and as any parent can tell you, it is almost as busy then as it is right before the holidays.  Let’s just say the renowned Holderness Family (The Christmas Jammies people) was not kidding when they released one of their most recent videos entitled, “Maycember”.  (If you haven’t check it out on YouTube yet, I highly recommend it, especially as a parent. I would post the link here, but as I am not entirely well-versed on the whole copyright-infringement-on-the-Internet thing, I will refrain.)  With four children of my own, the video could have been a documentary about my life from the beginning of May through to the last day of that month, and beyond.

I have also discovered, after working on the audiobook version of A Good Kind of Crazy, that the best way for me to edit is to read my writing out loud back to myself.  As I listened to the proofs for the audio version, I caught many small mistakes that both my editor and I missed during the three edits we did together.  There was nothing major, but hearing it read out loud allowed me to pick up on the mistakes that my brain had obviously glanced over while reading. So, reading aloud is the approach I am using while editing Western Skies, but it does make it more difficult to find the time to do it that way.  I have discovered that I read silently very quickly, but aloud is another story completely. It is also hard to read out loud with a bunch of people milling around, and since school is out…  You guessed it: There are a lot of people milling around my house right now.  And, since I am also dedicating a lot of time to the marketing and exposure of both my novel and my “branding”, the whole process is not going as fast as I would like it to.  (Or my publisher would like it to, I am sure!)

As I said, though, I have learned a lot about marketing, exposure and networking, albeit most of it while flying by the seat of my pants. I am breaking out of my comfort zone a bit more by trying to get more familiar with Twitter, and I have even learned to make memes, (much to my children’s amusement, since, as they LOVE to point out, I didn’t even know how to pronounce “meme” a few short years ago, pronouncing it instead like “mehm”. No…  Hooked on Phonics did not work for me…  because I didn’t use it, I guess…  But, I digress…) I am also my hand at video production and editing while attempting to design and execute a book trailer. But, most excitingly, I am tentatively scheduled to participate in a podcast interview on this Thursday, 6/20/2019, on the “Brian ‘The Hammer’ Jackson Show, which will at the very least be very interesting.

Exposure, or getting my name out there, is by far the most difficult part of this whole process for me.  I am not terribly pushy, and generally make a terrible sales person, so it isn’t easy to sort of “push” myself out into the world. But, exposure is what it takes to garner sales, so I am taking the bull by the horns. To assist me with this, I have been featured in an interview on a fellow author’s blog, and am planning on returning the favor, as well as hosting other fellow authors on my blog.  In fact, my next entry here will be an interview with my amazing fellow Solstice Publishing author named David W. Thompson who writes some really great stories!

I hope that everyone’s summer is going well and that you are finding time to enjoy reading!  I apologize for the disappearing act, but appreciate the support! Check back soon to read the fabulous interview I conducted with David W. Thompson!  Meanwhile, check out his book Sister Witch, and several others, available on


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