The Process Continues…

The last two weeks have been filled with adventure in preparation for the publication of my first manuscript.

I have sent my social media links, a summary of my book, a biography, the dedication and acknowledgements, a photo for the back cover, and chosen my cover art, as well .  The whole thing seems surreal.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like my photo taken about as much as I like a tooth filled without Novocain and out of all of my appointed tasks, this was the one that I dreaded the most.  However, thanks for the help of a fabulous hair stylist and a marvelous photographer, even this requirement was surprisingly painless.

I found out today for sure that for sure my book will be available both in eBook and hard copy versions on many different retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I know that overall eBooks are actually better sellers nowadays, but for those who know me personally, it seems as though most want a hard copy, which kind of surprised me.

As of yet, there is no news about when the book will be released.  Now, the next step is making changes based on the edits suggested by my assigned editor.  I am a bit apprehensive, but excited, about what they will want me to fix.  I will have thirty days to make the changes and get it back to them per my contract.  I am glad that the kids will be starting back to school soon, so that I can work on it undisturbed.  One thing I have learned in this whole process is that it is definitely easier to concentrate when the interruptions are few and it is the biggest reason why I write late at night.

I still have moments when I am struck with the thought, “I am being published!”  After a year and a half of writing and trying to find an agent or publisher, it still shocks me when I remember.  I can be in the car, at the grocery store, or even as I cook dinner and I am not embarrassed to say that I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.  It is crazy that a woman from a small farming community in rural Nevada took a chance to write a book and then tried to get it published.  It just doesn’t seem like something I would do, and yet…  here I am!

I will let people know as the publication date looms nearer.  Until then, it is back to the grindstone to try and finish my third book, as my mind is already brewing ideas for my fourth and fifth books, as well as thinking about trying to find a publisher for my second.



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