Fan Fiction

A few days ago, I started a Fan Fiction story on a Fan Fiction site for a show that my thirteen year old daughter and I watch together. In case anyone isn’t aware, Fan Fiction is when people take already known TV shows, movies and books and expand and develop new story lines which they then write based on the premise of the original works. You know how when you are reading or watching something and it takes a turn you don’t like and you wish you could make it go in the direction you wanted it to go?  With Fan Fiction, anyone can do just that.  However, I did it as a way to put my writing out there to see what other people thought about it; people who didn’t know me and wouldn’t feel “obligated” to say they like it, etc.

At first, it was only going to be a “one shot”: Fan Fiction slang for a short story with no extra chapters. That is all I was brave enough to put out there. But, the feedback was good! More than good! It was FANTASTIC, with people asking me to please continue the story.

I have now written 9 chapters, and I am pleased to say that the feedback continues to be better than I ever could have imagined. People are not only complimenting my story line, some even saying they wish that it would be the story line of the next season, but also that they really enjoy my writing style!

I have gotten comments about how people can’t wait for the next chapters, how it deserves to be read again and again and how they have read all 9 chapters in one day. I cannot believe how AMAZING it feels to receive that kind of feedback and how active the feedback has been: In 8 days, I have gotten as much or more feedback as other stories which have been on there much longer.

I am not one to toot my own horn too often. (At least I hope not… Someone please tell me if I do!) But this… this has been incredible! I am so happy that people are enjoying what is coming out of my mind!

I wasn’t going to do this, but I will post the link to my story below, in case anyone is curious.  I will warn people that while this is a Hallmark show, this story is NOT Hallmark rated; think more along the lines of a CW show.  Fifty Shades of Grey it is not, but it is not squeaky clean, either.  So, be forewarned and read at your own comfort level.  Even though my daughter and I watch this show together and it has been a wonderful way to bond with her, I have not let her read this story.  As I tell her, she may know what is going on, but her mother doesn’t need to be the one who shows it to her!

I will now add the disclaimer that I own nothing about When Calls the Heart, except for my own words. The characters, the premise of the story, etc., all belong to people who are much better known and famous than me!

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