Majken Selinder Nilsson


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The story behind the stories.....

After a particularly difficult year, Majken (pronounced “My-ken”) Selinder Nilsson started writing novels as a way to avoid the room with the rubber wallpaper and the jacket with all of the buckles, finding during the process that she really enjoyed and had a knack for it. This was not surprising, however, as Ms. Nilsson has always had a vividly active imagination, having not only one but two imaginary friends as child. Even as an adult, her characters come to life in her head and their personal stories often flow out faster than she can type. In just nine months, she had written two full-length novels, including extensive research, and started a third.

A native Nevadan from a small town, who also spent some time living in her ancestral home of Sweden, Ms. Selinder Nilsson is now a transplanted Southerner, where she lives with her very understanding family, who accepts that she stays up way too late writing, and all of whom are now used to calling her name several times to get her attention whenever she is in front of her computer. They are also accustomed to her bringing her laptop everywhere there could possibly be a few minutes’ wait, and have even stopped teasing her about her ever-changing facial expressions while she is writing dialogue.

Ms. Selinder Nilsson strives to develop a strong sense of place blended with complex characters with whom people can relate, while utilizing succinct, developed dialogue. Their personas become like close friends, often surprising her with the twists and turns in their lives as much as her readers. She connects with her characters on a deeply personal level and is known to mourn them when their stories come to an end.